And so it has begun…

Hello Chums!
Hello Chums!

I figured this would be a good way to tell the stories of my life as they pass me by and so one day I can reflect and say, “Hey, Cool! Look at all this stuff!”

For those of you who know me, you know I use post-it notes to keep my life organized and remember things.  Well, what happened to wanting to remember awesomely cool experiences that have passed? That is what this blog is for! It is here to log the journies of me as Michael Prosserman (the travel loving , charity worker) and the semi-alter ego Bboy Piecez (the break dance battling,teacher, performer guy).

Anyways, enough talk, MORE BLOG!
See you all soon. VERY soon 🙂

– Mikey Mike P.
blogging away in Starbucks coffee shop on a chilly Saturday

enjoying the beginning of blogerry

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