NEW YEARS Resolutions!

thumbs up for 2010!
thumbs up for 2010!

That’s right folks, I’m approaching the new year with a positive attitude. What better way then to make some fun and challenging resolutions for the better and joyful improvement of my life? NO MORE WASTING TIME CHUMS LET’S SET SOME GOALS (and hold me to them 🙂

My ten new years resolutions:

1. Don’t ever get as stressed out as I was in the past 4 months (ever.)

2. Balance. (work life, family, friends, fun, travel, on my hands.)

3. Battle. (in at least 3 other countries, against at least 3 international bboys)

4. Swim. (learn how… This one might be a stretch but nothing is impossible in 2010!)

5. Watch more movies… I love movies! Why don’t I watch more movies?

6. Cook. (learn to cook stuff that actually tastes good. also so I don’t feel like such an amateur in the Arctic when I bring up my suitcase full of canned food.)

7. Learn. (more and more and more. never stop.)

8. Finish writing picture book. by summer. no more delays.

9. Do something DANGEROUS.

10. Travel back to China, visit old friends, make new ones.

Happy new years to you and I hope all YOUR resolutions come true!

Much love,

– Mikey Mike

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