MRI and cookies.

What is on my mind? I’ll tell you what!
lots and lots.

but more then just what is on my MIND, the real question is what is on my plate?
the answer? …………….food!

Tasty tasty food. especially cookies. I really like cookies. Someone made me cookies the other day and I’ve been having one each day as they are soooo delicious and awesome and I want to prolong the joy they have brought to my life this past week.

On a side note,
I was digging through some old piles of awesomeness and found something surprisingly AWESOME!!!

check it out!!

look at my brain (so.. wrinkly)
MRI's are cool!

it’s me but see through!

Also for any of you who were wondering why I stopped break dancing about 2 years ago, well it was because I have fused vertebrates in my neck. Judging by the picture below the touching boney things are not good according to doctors… but what do they know?!

the neck of a 70-year old (according to my doc)

They said I had the neck of a 70-year old so I quick dancing for 3 years. This was about 5 years ago when I got the scan. Since then I’ve re-invented what I do on the floor so I do not need to spin on my head and can save my faulty vertebrates but still do what I love.

You gotta keep going even when the going gets tough.

Kind of similar to what I’m going through now with all the changes in my life, I always find there’s motivation somewhere even if you need to dig a little.  My students inspire me to keep teaching and pushing UNITY to the next level.  Thanks to all the youth in the UNITY program and everyone who’s “got my back” 🙂

off to the mobile office (starbucks aka free internet on the go)

talk soon y’all.


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