Mikey + Nunavut = inspired

Can’t describe the emotions and feelings I’ve gone through in just 7 days.

The past week I’ve been in Clyde River in Nunavut teaching Leadership Through Hip Hop to over 30 Inuit youth.


eating raw cariboo
Cooking up some nifty experiments

Scoping some icebergs

Dancing with some of Nunavut's best

Meeting TONS of new and everlasting friends

and too much more to fit in one post…I’m inspired!

Inspired to  go back into my work at home with UNITY in full force. Although this past week has been one of the most emotionally draining weeks of my life, I am ready for the world right now and can’t wait till I get back into the outreach that UNITY is about to embark on.

This is just the beginning of my experiences but a newer and broader horizon has been felt not only by me but by hundreds from this small community.

I wish I could describe to you my feelings but in short,
I feel great.

– Mikey
(on a natural buzz)

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