A great start…

I just got off a plane from Vancouver now waiting over in the Taiwan airport after a 14 hour journey. I’m not really sure what time my body thinks it is but here in Taiwan its 6am.  This airport is snazzy and full of fun stuff, like computers!!! with internet!!! swift..

Anyways, this is more of a text blog until I get to a computer where I can plug in my memory stick with photos from Vancouver but I just wanted to say that there was no better way to start this journey that the last few days I spent in Vancouver with bboys and bgirls from all across North America.  I got to cypher with and battle against people from Las Vegas, Indonesia, Virginia, Seattle, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, and so much more! The Circle Prinz jam was INCREDIBLE! Big thank you to Famous Circle for putting this together, couldn’t have been a better way to prep me for my next stop for bboying action, Seoul, Korea.

Here’s a quick battle of UNITY in the semi-finals at Circle Prinz (lots of respect to Battle Born crew from Las Vegas, truly repping HARD):


Circle Prinz - battle I just did in Vancouver!!

I can’t wait.  After cyphering for over 3 hours and then making it to the top 4 crews at Circle Prinz I feel I am ready both mentally and physically more then ever before.  This is going to be an amazing journey!

Time to kick off my socks and venture out into the wilderness of awesomeness!!!

Bye for now.

Fun filled pictures of … fun, coming soon!!!

ALSO big thanks to the amaaazing people who I got to share the Vancouver experience with Sweet Li, Stu, Mark, Rory, Cee, Dirty D, Kim, Lola, bboy Kreate, bboy Orb, bboy Free, Battle Born crew, Lab Ratz, Sami, Dean, and all the crazy people on East Hasting street and everyone else that I vibed with out there.

much love.

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