Taiwan. 15 hours of PURE insanity.

Hi Friends, I wanted to share with you the outstanding and fantabulous experience of travel from Vancouver to Korea.  I left Vancouver on August 2nd at night and arrived in Korea on August 4th at night. How do you ask? I do not know but I did not have one ounce of sleep along the journey. Below is what I can recall of my deliriousness in the Taiwanese airport where I was trapped like a monkey in a zoo for over 15 hours. This however was a luxurious zoo with forests, bubble tea and Hello Kitty galore. See below for my joyful encaged adventures.
If only I had friends while I spent 15 hours wandering this luxurious prison.
the painful emptiness of the Taiwanese airport. I made a game of this site, I called it, the MAZE game, it was a-MAZE-ing. yes, I said it.Taiwanese bubble tea, my "getaway" drug from the madness of over a day of no sleep. bubbles make everything better!
My view on modern politics and civil war.
BEAUTIFUL fields!!! who would have thought I'd find this beauty in the airport!?
Wake up and smell the roses Mikey! Airport roses are the BEST
Picking daisies with hard working Taiwenese airport staff. Oh how I love airport delirium !
I stumbled upon Hello Kitty's secret plans for world domination!! Save the children! Save the elderly!!! Save the mice!!!!!
After all my hardships I thought things couldn't get any crazier until I heard on the main PA system in the airport "Would Mr. Michael Prosserman please come to the check in". I paniced, thinking I might have missed my flight after all this time. However, I was shocked and overjoyed to find out that... THEY BUMPED ME TO FIRST CLASS!!! take that pierce brosnan! Look at all the buttons I got!! I love buttons!!!!
Three knives and two fork fulls of PURE joy (3 course meal, this was my Appetizer!!!!). A great and unexpected treasure after 30 hours of no sleep. I love airplane food!
What better way to bring in Korea then a welcome from my old pal Pierce Brosnan. Thanks B!

that’s it for now chums! enjoy the ride.


– Mikey Mike


  1. LOL!!!! Mikey… your pix and captions totally made my day! So funny. Pierce Brosnan looks like he’s cocking you… Welcome to Seoul…COCK!

  2. wow really fancy airplane food! I love the photos of you and the posters, for a second I thought they were real! You have given me some photo ideas 🙂

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