Top of the BBOY food chain… Mmmm food

My journey in Korea included bboying of the highest level accompanied with my usual random expiditions to try to inspire babies to dance. Go children go! Enjoy the pics and hope you are all playing lots of frisbee, eating lots of barbeque and loving life. I’ll post a more texty one soon, just a bit on the go now. Battling Monkey J from Rhythm Attack crew tomorrow and battled last night outside in Hong Kong, more about that soon but you are only getting updates on Korea now because I’m slow. Slow like a turtle with wings. broken wings. okay i’m done. enjoy pictures friends!
Monster Jam Korea bboy tournament = MONSTERS!!! next year i hope to be IN the battle (i was itttching from the sidelines)
There's only one thing better then running through a sprinkler... running through a 1km fountain with hundreds of crazy kids!!! !!!! !! !Me doing my presentation at Maple Bear School for kiddies age 4 to 6!!! Thanks for hooking this up Mr. Bernard!! sooooo awesome! I think we have a future generation of bboys & bgirls here 🙂
Koreans taking bboying to the next level!!!
Getting ready to fight a kung fu ninja on a mountain... JUST kidding, this is my new bboy gear, with matching hat!! 🙂
This was highly fantastic. These two girls were frantically chopping up a block of ice to techno music. Awesome...!?
Woah, me and my sign look almost like twins, except this tiger needs to learn how to smile! (and take his hand off his sword... I'm your friend Mr. Tiger!) - note: the tiger spared my life, but to scare me he shaved my beard.
NICE! I can finally get Samsung tighty whiteys! I mean... tshirts!
Oh children and their games!
Mr. Mikey (as I was named) presenting at Maple Bear School for the kiddies (age 4 to 6)!!! Thanks for hooking this up Mr. Bernard!! sooooo funny! I think we are going to have a future generation of bboys & bgirls in Korea 🙂 - watch out Hong 10!!
The children frantically playing and hugging my hairy arms.
Korean children love monkeys! I mean my arms...
8th Korean bbq in 6 days. SO MUCH MEATT!!!! Korea = tasty

that’s all folks!!!

hope you are having much fun in the sun!

hugs and bed bugs.

– mikey

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  1. where did you get the cool outfit? Wow how did you manage to do workshops get in a Korean school? Keep up the good work!

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