Pic-ventures of Japan!

Japan is great.
From Tokyo to Nara to Osaka to Mt. Kyosan so many adventures. I can honestly say that this has been the best stop of my trip.
So many incredible people here.
The dancers, bboys and people in general here are so welcoming and amazing. Big thanks to everyone who supported my journey here Shaw, Katsu, Big Phil, Mel, Bob, Matt, and too many to name! ROCKING times in Japan. Even yesterday as I was fully drenched in sweat from a street practice right before training 1 and a half hours to the airport at 11pm, I sat next to a random old lady who chatted me up even though firstly she didn’t speak english (yet we spoke for an hour) and secondly I stank like a sweat monster. So friendly!
Japan = perfect spot to end my adventures (for now…)
more bloggage coming on stories and adventures in Japan soon!
Japan = pig parts galore! (Pig Tongue and Pig Throat dans le picture & we also ate pig guts, cheek and neck) yummers in my tummersssss!!
Nara goats... oh dear. you know what I mean... (deer). Seriously, I tried to be brave but they were foaming at the mouth and shooting lazers from their skulls, there is just no stopping these ferocious man-eating creatures from Nara in Japan!! jokes! ... ?
In Nara deer roam freely amongst people, signs like these protect us to know how to defend ourselves from the classic "knock down" move
I HAD to... the most rewarding snacks you need to dig for (after I saw this I needed to intervene and buy these silly deer some food, talk about hungry! maybe he thought he saw chocolate... smelly smelly chocolate...)
Krazybones is FAMOUS!!! Look mom, it's the bone! (this is a pic I saw when checking out Osaka's biggest dance competition, Dancers Delight Vol. 17, CARZY SKILLS!! so carzy i can't even spell.)
after a sweaty battle in the streets and running to barely catch the last train to the hostel. lucky i don't sweat much...
good old hotchpotch.
this was seconds before one of the best 12 minutes of my life. juicy, delicious wagyu beefy burgery joy! This was the most beef I saw in Japan! haha... beef. because there is none, not the meat but slang word for anger = beef, so they don't really have any. okay i'm done with this picture.
This watermelon, it's.... a FUNNY SHAPE!!! I'll never look at a watermelon the same again...
Dont worry! I gave this snail a safe home!! ... Deliciously safe.
Why it is important for even Octo-pie to carefully handle their Samurai swords.
At least someone appreciates the blue jays! Harajuku + baseball = awesome.

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