IBE. re-inspired. re-motivated. ready.

I can honestly say that going to IBE last week in Heerlen, Holland was the best single weekend of bboying I’ve ever done in my entire life. It was unreal to meet and hang out with dancers from every country including: Iceland, Italy, Germany, Luxemberg, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, USA, Korea, Japan, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Mexico, Israel, Scotland, London, and more!!

It was incredible to be at a sold out event with over 2,000 bboys/bgirls from around the world, with at times 5 battles happening at the same time all over the city of Heerlen.  Bboys took over the city supported by the government.  Literally everywhere you turned you’d see a building hosting an IBE event in this city with 9 buildings for events and TONS of random cyphers at every corner, this was a bboy city.  Not to mention that bboys overtook all the hotels in Heerlen and even the IBE Sleepover where over 300 breakers slept under one roof in one large room with hundreds of steel frames and matresses. I’m not going to lie it was a bit scary waking up at 9am to florescent lights in this huge room full of other dancers. The first day I had a bit of a panic thinking it was a crazy nightmare as I woke up with light in my face and 100’s of strangers around me. I soon got over that and realized I wasn’t being thrown into war.  Well, I guess I was in a way. Battles without the killing, a place to earn your stripes.

I took full advantage of this weekend as I entered 3 battles (the octagon battle, the solo battle and the trick battle). It was a true honour to make top 16 in all 3 battles.  For me I won by qualifying.  I never thought amongst the hundreds of dancers that I would be amongst the top ranked in the world.  A true honour and a weekend I will truly never forget. My ranking for the weekend was top 4 in the Octagon battle, top 8 in the Trick battle, top 8 in the Solo battle.

Here are some videos from the week, just a smalllll snippet of the crazyness that went down.

As I was on my way to the solo battle I decided to stop by the power workshop with Cico, Bruce Lee, The End. I ran in, pushed through a huge crowd, threw down and bounced. Too bad I couldn’t stick around but the 1 on 1s called. I left my mark 🙂

Super Solo Battle (came in Top 8 around 100 ish – eliminations were done from a circle prinz style elimination of having the 90-100 dancers cypher and the judges chose the top 16).

After dancing for hours and hours on Saturday, doing the solo battle with cyphers and walking for 1 hour getting lost in Heerlen, I entered the Trick Battle (came in Top 8 of around 30 ish).


In the Trick battle I battled bboy Soso in the Top 16 (this year’s and last year’s winner of this battle) – Amazing feeling to go against such top dancers, fuel for me to want to practice harder!!!

Also to give a flavor of the other bboys in the trick battle Top 16 check out this promo video created from the battle (look mom, I’m on tv !! 🙂

Another exciting moment was battling in the Octagon battle and in the Top 16 beating the guy who has won for the past 2 years! Crazy!!! I lost to Bboy Hulk from Israel in the Top 4. An amazing battle, we ate pizza and chilled after the battle and realized prob for the first time in any bboy battle we had 3 jews in the top 16 of an international battle!!! YEH Israel represent!! 🙂


That is only a fraction of the adventures that went down but I could go on for daysssssss about how I left my luggage on a train that left without me while buying a chocolate bar, stayed overnight in the freezing cold on a bench in Amsterdam with bboys from Egypt, walked for an hour in the city of heerlen lost ALMOST missing the trick battle, watching movies in dutch, cyphering in the streets and mmmmmuch more.

I’ve never been so inspired and so motivated to dance.

I’m ready to battle now like never before!!

More battles, journies, and adventures coming soon.



  1. Man, Mikey, keep inspiring everyone and pushing canadian bboys to get out and rep. Watch out for next year, Canada will be there for sure at IBE 2011. I NEED to go there. CANADA will be there!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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