UNITY goes International!! WeFree Day Drug-Free Conference in Italy


Bboy KK from Cambodia (Tiny Toones outreach program) doing incredible work for youth in Cambodia teaching them to bboy and promoting education as well as peer to peer mentorship. This guy is really about making REAL change.



UNITY WINS the WeFree Day Showcase Competition Against 8 other crews from around the world! (TK and Mikey holding the "hero" trophy from this event) over 2000 high school students attended from across Italy! Big respect to all the groups in the competition and the amazing work of San Patrignano community!!


This past weekend UNITY went to Italy to represent Canada at WeFree Day Drug Prevention conference at the San Patrignano Community in Rimini.  It was an unreal and nearly indescribable experience that not only changed my way of looking at the work we do but also changed the lives of each artist who got to experience this from UNITY.  I had some of the most amazing conversations and met some of the most amazing people from all over the world this past weekend. It’s amazing to know that there are so many others using the same medium of bboying and hip hop in general to educate, empower and inspire youth.  We are all using similar ideas but this weekend we got to share with each others stories, and best practices to really take all of our work to the next level. I think together we will become stronger knowing that we all exist and now collaborating on some even bigger worldwide initiatives.  Just seeing and hearing about all of these projects really pumped me up to know that this is not just in Canada but it’s a truly global movement.  I met people this weekend from Uganda, Cambodia, Portugal, Columbia, Italy, Zurich and more.  There were over 2,000 youth from all over Italy in attendance on the Saturday performance.  We were even honoured to win the Hero performance competition at the end of the day on Saturday.  It’s not about the battle though. The real thing we are winning from this weekend is having the world become that much smaller by coming together for the first time with all of these amazing groups. I now realize the power that the format of outreach we are using can truly have.  I felt this power in our work here in Toronto and our extended work with Blueprint For Life with Buddha out in the Arctic but seeing this format make a difference all over the world has truly expanded my perspective on the work we do.


UNITY Charity display board at WeFree day (in Italian 🙂



Columbian bboy tshirt trading (Youth outreach programs across the world UNITE!)



Break Dance Project Uganda and UNITY (and mikey with his metaphorical UNITY shirt of a giraffe hugging a dinosaur). The work these guys are doing is so inspiring. So much heart.



Portugal Bboys (this is Bboy Fat Bastard - best bboy name 🙂



Nuts for Nutella in Italian Gellateria



Reppin Toronto to the FULLEST !!!



Groupo UNITY (a great way to be welcomed to Italy for the first time!)



Kareen checking out the AMAZING view of San Patrignano Community vineyards.



Italy = beautiful



Jim helping take the drugs out of the world on WeFree Day in Italy!!



Bboy Frog from Cambodia (Upcoming bboy from the other side of the world!! Watch out world!!)


Thank you for bringing us to Italy and the world.

Can’t wait to see where we will go next.

peace, love and UNITY.

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  1. how do be apart of this Unity. I am a Cambodian American and always wanted to go to Cambodia to see the Tiny Toones bboys. also visit other countries like Uganda and help out.

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