Little Mikey

I was thinking of the days when I was 13, 14, 15. People in the breaking scene used to care so much more! What has Youtube done to bboying/bgirling culture?? We have de-sensitized ourselves so that people could be spinning on their eye-lash but you’d hear crickets and maybe a yawn if you’re lucky. Back when I started in 2000 people used to go wild over everything!!! I remember these days, they were great. To prove I’m not one of those old guys who says, “remember back in the days when things were sooo much better?” but then lost all his photos? Hecks no. I decided to take some time and dig up some footage of people just loosing it! (and in the process found some other old goodies from when I was 13 to 16 years old trying to come up as a bboy).

A time when I was known as “little mikey”, “iron neck”, “beast”, “mah-chine”, “mini me” and what eventually stuck “piecez”.


Much love from,

Little Mikey




  1. Agreed. I think people are putting the same value on things they can watch online as things they can see in real life. It’s almost as if there’s no value in reality unless it can compete with sensational virtual reality. As far as I’m concerned, experiencing the real deal is always better than watching some low-res youtube video.

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