VIDEO: Shifting Possibilities – Bboy Piecez

Not just a regular promo video…

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Piecez’s passion for dance led him to a potentially career ending injury.
Despite what doctors said, Piecez still pushes the limits of what is possible as a Bboy. Piecez is living proof that we have the power to shift what’s possible.
Find more of his story at and how he gives back to the community at

Directed and edited by Raymond Mendoza (madeincamera.caHUGE thanks to Raymond Mendoza from Made in Camera for putting this together!


– Piecez


  1. Amazing video, and your really an amazing person for what you do. I have meet you only a few times in passing over the past few years. I wanted to ask how could I pick myself up again and start dancing I’ve stopped for about 2 years now, when my cousin got shot at a dance event?

    I’ve been really wanting to dance again, but I find it extremely difficult.

    Fellow Dancer – Dwayne Cyrus

  2. I had a tistaste for schooling,? I was a superb pupil, I did not disrupt course, but I hated the way in
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