From broken glass to halifax.

It’s been a crazy few weeks…

I hit a guy on a motorcycle (thank god he’s okay…)
I got my passenger window smashed in by a vigilante.

someone decided to smash windows of cars in my parking lot
i guess I was one of the lucky 3 cars that got broken into.

AND today I forgot my video camera in a second cup…
Bigger picture, everyone is healthy and worse things have happened!


UNITY just did an unreal tour for 2 weeks in Calgary partnered with Globalfest. I feel one of the most successful round of schools we’ve ever worked with.

Mikey just got home from Ill Abilities No Limits 2 jam where he made it to the semi-finals with Yeromski from the Netherlands against Smala from France.  It was a truly inspirational event to see people of all ages and all abilities getting down from all over the world. Big respect to the Ill Abilities crew and one of my biggest inspirations/best friends Bboy Lazylegz. More people need to get out there and support these guys to do more outreach for youth with disabilities taking the “dis” out of the word disabled… This weekend really showed me the power of ILL abilities.
Congrats to Renegades crew for winning the 2 vs 2 and to Tjo for winning the Montreal 1v1 Qualifier!!! see you out there brother! 

Battle against Smala from France: 

Also was honored to meet crews from all over the world including legendary Soul Control member Charles and Rock Force OG Gerald.

Charles Soul Control (left) + Gerald RockForce Crew (right)

This weekend I am off to Halifax to judge Last Man Standing 5 and teach some creative power workshops with Concrete Roots and Drew Moore. Can’t wait!! See you soon Halifax.

It’s been a crazy few months of traveling but I feel so blessed to share my love for dance with the world through UNITY.

Even though this last week has felt like a test… I feel like it’s worth all the crazy challenges that are getting thrown my way…

I can do this. There’s nothing better.


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