Showcase battle in Quebec City

Just got back from Quebec City from the jam ran by my bboy fam the Quebec City bboys.

Amazing times chillen with Dj Skeme Richards from the legendary Rocksteady Crew, Kid Glyde from NYC, Teejo, Twister, System, Gigo and all the dope bboys in the QC scene. Much respect. Also, respect to the 4th winner of their trip to IBE Fleau!!!! Canada is going to kill it this year at IBE ! 🙂

QC was truly fun times, party times, cypher times, battle times. Although sometimes I wished I could speak French 🙂 Although I do love a good Shishkahouck (just learned what that is… Shwarma with mayo? awesome.)

Finally, check out my showcase battle against Bboy Samsung from France…

Enjoy!!! 🙂

See you soon at the unity festival (!!!)

peace and love.

– Mikey Mike

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