Piecez in Spain and Portugal … Fiiiiiiesta!

Just got back from 2 weeks in Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon, chillen with bboys/bgirls and just straight CHILLEN.

International bboying family growing every year!

Here are some clips of the action… ENJOY!!!

Bboying under a bridge every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for 4 hours in Barcelona, Spain with some of Spain’s best bboys. Respect to Lunatiks crew!!!

Bboying while the sun was setting on a mountain in Barcelona with my boys from the UK now living in Barcelona. Much love to these guys for showing me an awesome time (also a short clip of a fiesta on the streets in Barcelona, that’s how we roll!!! 😀

INCREDIBLE times abroad. Much respect to In Motion Crew from Pamela, Portugal and all my bros (Cisco, Fat Bstrd, Speedy). Much love for taking me in and showing me a dope time out there!!!

I finally remembered what it’s like to relax and got a good amount of dancing in while I was at it. I feel refreshed and I am excited to be back in action now at home with UNITY.


it’s practice time.


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