IBE – Canada repped HARD!!!

Great to come out to IBE again for the 3rd year in a row. Amazing to have the FULL Canadian Squad out to represent our country with over 20 dancers from Canada holding it down. shout out to Tyrone for helping us build the IBE x Canada x UNITY collective. MUCH respect! Shout outs to all Canadians who qualified Bboy Switch, Fil Fury, Clinton, and even J-kay who won the bgirl battle! Also, respect to Mstro for holding it down in the 7 to smoke battle.

Shout out to Strife TV for posting my battle against Spin (Soul Maveriks) in the Top 4 of the solo battle:

Respect to Tawfiq for winning the Trick battle, check out my battle against him in the semi-finals:

Shout outs to All Area Crew / Bboy Taisuke and my bboy family out in Japan!


respect to Neguin, MANY inspiring cyphers throughout the weekend we rocked


IBE at the peak of it’s insanity:


back to toronto and the unity familia

peace-ez !

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