Pouring my heart out. The relaunch.

I was thinking the other day, I really want to start a blog!

As I began to think where should I start, I realized something pretty important…
I already have a blog! That’s right here we are! My blog has existed I just haven’t given it love. So now we re-unite and I’m here to stay.

If you’re a social entrepreneur, non-profit leader, artist, innovative mental health practitioner, or just anyone awesome this blog is for you.

I have a lot to say, so here is the place to dive into my brain for a bit and see how everything somehow comes together.

I plan to share how I achieved my best successes and survived the most painstaking failures.  My new posts will be much more about sharing my learnings and experiences with the world.  Follow above and get ready for an amazing journey!

So you have my word.
My blog is back and here to stay!

However, that does not fix the fact that my last post was in January 2013!

That being said, you can expect my next post coming out soon will be EXTRA awesome as we need to catch up on 2.8 years!

To close I want to share a note of inspiration from a teacher who experienced one of our UNITY Charity programs this year:

“This letter is late in coming, but the effects of that visit are still rippling through my classes, and in my mind, and heart. It was such a gift for my students to have two young talented men to come into my classroom and show these students so much love and respect. They delighted in each and every student- and met their responses with honesty and good will, and loving humour!  They showed them the power of spoken word poetry, the pleasure and delight in making noises, (in a context which so often tells students to sit down and shut up!).

And it was a true gift for me as a teacher. I learned so much about my classes as I observed their reactions, and heard their responses. Voices that I hadn’t yet heard, this early in the semester, broke out in jubilant swagger!

It was also deeply important to me that one of the Unity team performed a poem that recounted his experience of experiencing appalling racial injustice by policemen in Toronto. While I believe Toronto is one of the better cities in the world for people of all races to live, I know that racism exists here. Yet, many of my students insist that since Canada embraces multiculturalism, therefore, no racism exists here.  I, as someone who passes for white, cannot tell a personal story about racism in Toronto, in Canada. I can only offer statistics and essays by people these students have never met. But the poem that David shared reached my students, viscerally.

Thank you again. I know how much time and effort it takes to organize things like this.

I’ve seen a lot of programs that want to reach young people in a similar way.
Unity is the only one I have seen that I would put my money behind, if it were my money.
They clearly vet and train the staff.
They value our students enough to give them the best.

I quietly cried during both of the Unity sessions in my classes- because I was so moved that these young men were bringing their joy, their love, their talent, and especially their honesty to my students.
– Katherine, English Department, VP Collegiate

NEXT POST (coming soon!) = Top lessons from last 3 years 

Consider this the official relaunch !
(*cue awesome party music*)



  1. Beautiful new post Mike. Congratulations on the wonderful quote and on coming back to blogging! I’m looking forward to what you’ve got to say. I’m starting my own blog journey soon, too. Will keep you posted.

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