Headshot Mikey 2.jpgMichael Prosserman found his passion for break dancing at a very young age. By the time he was three, Michael was already standing on his head while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Since then, he has performed for over 300 audiences, has spoken at over 100 schools, and has taught hundreds of workshops all over the world from Canada to Italy to Asia to the Arctic. Michael has competed world-wide, placing first in 26 competitions. Michael was accepted into the pool of performers for Cirque Du Soleil and featured in the major motion picture “Honey”.  Michael is the founder of Unity Charity, an organization that empowers youth to be role models and leaders in their communities through after school programs in break dancing, graffiti art, spoken word poetry and beat boxing. Unity has reached over 200,000 young people across Canada. In the past Unity was featured in over 50 major media outlets in Canada including Maclean’s, Toronto Star, CBC, CTV, City TV, and many more. Unity teaches youth to use urban arts as a powerful outlet to relieve their stress and anger in a positive way.

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  1. Hey nice blog, I was googling to check what was the name of the place where bboyz are praticing in Osaka and I arrived here. Nice meeting you. I am a French bboy who moved to Singapore in Asia for my job (I am not a professional bboy 🙂 Well if one day, you drop by give me a sign I will show you around.
    Cheers !

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