IBE – Canada repped HARD!!!

Great to come out to IBE again for the 3rd year in a row. Amazing to have the FULL Canadian Squad out to represent our country with over 20 dancers from Canada holding it down. shout out to Tyrone for helping us build the IBE x Canada x UNITY collective. MUCH respect! Shout outs to all Canadians who qualified Bboy Switch, Fil Fury, Clinton, and even J-kay who won the bgirl battle! Also, respect to Mstro for holding it down in the 7 to smoke battle.

Shout out to Strife TV for posting my battle against Spin (Soul Maveriks) in the Top 4 of the solo battle:

Respect to Tawfiq for winning the Trick battle, check out my battle against him in the semi-finals:

Shout outs to All Area Crew / Bboy Taisuke and my bboy family out in Japan!


respect to Neguin, MANY inspiring cyphers throughout the weekend we rocked


IBE at the peak of it’s insanity:


back to toronto and the unity familia

peace-ez !

Redefining Labels – TED x

I wanted to share a video with you guys of a recent talk I did in May 2012 at the TED x youth conference in Sudbury (or as they call it “Nickel City”). After months and months of preparation I put together this new talk about redefining the labels that are put on us. It was a challenge to put the talk together but a process I am very happy I agreed to do. Thanks so much to Youth Innovation for putting on this event and big respects to all of the other speakers that day.

Check out the talk below:

Onward bound!

Look out westjet here I come!!

Travel schedule in the next little while with unity (www.unitycharity.com)…

NYC – this weekend
Moncton – feb 1 & 2 – performance
Halifax – feb 17 to 29 – unity tour
Calgary – mar 1 to 6 – artist training
Nunavut – 1 week in march – blueprint trip
Calgary – apr 30 to may 7 – unity tour
Fort McMurray – may 8 to 16 – unity tour
Quebec City – June 14 to 16 – battle to judge/showcase

TORONTO. sleep.

bon voyage !


Who are we? WE FREE!!! UNITY takes it home 2nd year in a row!

So inspired…
words can’t describe the experience we had out in the small community of San Patrignano and the amazing people we were able to meet and connect with.

From the people who live at San Pa to the mind blowing organizations we met, UNITY and I personally took so much away from this incredible week in Italy.

Getting to meet organizations from Afghanistan (Skateistan), Uganda (Break dance Project Uganda), Portugal (Transformers), Germany (Street University), Brazil, Columbia, Rome and so many more we were able to share our stories, our tears and our smiles all week long. It was a truly beautiful experience.

This video gives you an idea of the energy of this amazing group of people:

This was all because we were invited by San Patrignano to come to their WeFree drug prevention conference in Rimini, Italy.  This group is a world leader in drug prevention and drug rehabilitation. Their practices are copies and talked about around the world as over 1000 people live in their community and are working together to kick drugs.

Also, UNITY Charity was honoured to win the showcase competition against 12 other groups from around the world for the SECOND year in a row! Making UNITY Charity the undefeated WeFree Heros!!! It was an incredible experience doing our anti-drug themed performances on stage in front of over 2000 students from across Italy. A truly inspiring week.

Below are the 3 showcases that tell the anti-drug story we presented at this year’s conference on WeFree day 2011:




Can’t forget the street cyphers in Bologna, Italy 🙂

After giving the UNITY shirt off our backs to our Italian driver for his kids, he called his kids SO excited, Balu and Scott gave them a VIP show

UNITY charity performing ALL DAY (even on the airplane!!!! 😀

that’s all for now chums!!!

peace from your pal,